Friday, July 10, 2009

Blogging from a plane!

Today we are flying to New York so that my wife can attend a bridal shower. We are flying Virgin America for the first time. So far we are very impressed with the airline. The Wifi is only 9.95$, I thought it was going to be more. Also, there is a power outlet for each passenger, even in coach! The TV screens in the seat backs are larger than that of other airlines. The seats are nice. We had some fun chatting with friends back home and using the webcam. This blog post is being posted from a Dell Mini 9 running Mac OS X from a Plane! Pretty sweet!


Katie said...

that's pretty sweet! I'll have to check out that airline :). Have fun in NY!

Katie said...

Ugh! They don't go to MN! :(

Karen said...

I had fun chatting with you two on the plane!