Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bonus Digital Copy

I recently returned from vacationing in Florida. I need to settle in a bit before I get to writing a nice long post about Florida, but for now I feel like I need to describe the trials and tribulations of getting the Bonus Digital Copy of the Dark Knight to work that I received as a Christmas present.

First of all, there is an information card inside the DVD case that has an authorization code. This card says to visit in order to download the movie. After visiting the site I was appalled to see that they are charging 1.99$ for the download. After scouring the internet I learned that the digital copy is actually on Disc 2 and that it is possible to import the movie using iTunes. I wonder how many people they dupe into coughing up an additional 1.99$.

I inserted Disc 2 into my computer and iTunes presented me with a special page branded for the Dark Knight that prompted me for the authorization code. I tried and tried to enter the code and it kept saying 'The code you entered is not recognized as a valid code.' After I finally convinced myself that I was typing it in correctly and that the problem must be with iTunes I went down the path of contacting both Warner Brothers technical support and Apple technical support. (Keep in mind that by now I am approaching an hour into this process and using Handbrake I would have been done at this point).

To Warner Brother's credit I received a response within a matter of hours. They provided me with a new magical code that didn't even have the same number of characters as my original code, and thankfully it did the trick. iTunes succesfully imported a 1.6 GB version of the Dark Knight and I now have it on my Apple TV and my iPod.

I am concerned in that if I ever own another movie with this Bonus Digital Copy will I have to go through the same rigmarole or did I encounter a fluke with the one movie. Overall though I am impressed with the quality of the movie on my iPod now that it is working.