Thursday, February 5, 2009


Ouch, its been 9 days since I last posted. My flower almost died. Anyway, I have a pet snake named Squeek and here is his very own post. Squeek is a Ball Python, he is around 4 feet long, and he is like fourteen or fifteen years old. The story goes that the first time Squeek ate a mouse, the mouse made a 'squeek' like sound as it died, and that is how he got his name. He is a hand-me-down snake, I have had him for about five years now.

I fed Squeek a gourmet medium rat about five days or so. I actually recorded it on video and I have been meaning to finish editing it so I could post it online. The soundtrack is the version of Mad World from Donnie Darko. I am now having second thoughts about posting the video, it made my wife cry. Anyway, late last night the rat came out the back-end of Squeek in the form of white chalky feces and a whole lot of piss. I just finished cleaning it all up, and I gave Squeek a nice bath to make sure he is squeaky clean!

After the bath I was able to take a neat close-up photo of him with his tongue sticking out. Too bad looking at that photo made me realize that I probably need to vacuum. Writing this post has also made me realize that the correct spelling of his name should probably be squeak. I have always spelled it squeek, I guess he gets to be cool and have a special spelling.

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