Sunday, March 1, 2009

Star Wars Legos - AT-AT

Yesterday we went to a baby shower for my Cousin in orange county. I convinced my wife that it would be a good idea to go to Downtown Disney on the way home. Coincidentally my parents were attending a convention in Anaheim so they met us there. We had a nice dinner at the Bakery restaurant at the far end of the strip. However, my main desire for going to Downtown Disney was the Lego store. Fortunately, my wife had never been to Downtown Disney and didn't know about the Lego store. I sort of told a little white lie by acting surprised when we got to the store, but I eventually came clean (she frowns on my Lego addiction). The best part of the store is that they have sets that aren't normally sold in other retail outlets. I have been eying set #10178 (Motorized Walking AT-AT), they had it in stock and I couldn't resist.

This set is probably my favorite Star Wars Lego set of all time, the thing actually walks! I also favor sets from the original three movies, this particular set is from the Empire Strikes Back and is from the scene where Luke blows up the AT-AT. You can see in the picture Luke dangling from the belly of the AT-AT. One particular Lego piece made me laugh pretty hard, the engineers had to have realized that this piece is very phallic, it must be an inside joke in the Worldwide Lego headquarters. Also check out my first YouTube video!

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Mrs. Noyes said...

I rather you be addicted to Lego's than something else that may cost more or make you smell funny!