Saturday, May 9, 2009

Prime Rib!

Lately they have been having incredible deals on Prime Rib at Von's. I picked up a 4lb two rib roast for 15$, where it is usually closer to 40$. Overall it came out well, just slightly overdone for my liking. I also made Yorkshire pudding from its juices! My wife gets upset if I don't make something "green" to go along with dinner, so I fried up some zucchini as well.

Today was overall just a great day! We woke up this morning without having an alarm clock set, which hasn't happened in a long time. Every few months we like to take the train down to go visit Amoeba records to buy some new music. We hadn't gone in a long time and we had nothing planned for today, so we spur of the moment decided to go! On the ride to Union Station we noticed that the train seemed much more crowded than usual, and when we arrived we found out why. Today is National Train Day. I love trains! They had all sorts of stuff going on at Union Station; a model train exhibit, wine tasting information, giveaways and more. My wife picked up all sorts of goodies for her students, and I picked up a bunch of information on trains.

My sister is moving to Minnesota, and it seems like the perfect excuse to take the Amtrak Train from Seattle over to St. Paul. I learned today that the train ride is only 40 hours (I thought it would be longer!). It departs from Seattle at 4:45 PM. You spend the entire next day traveling through Montana and North Dakota which are both supposed to be beautiful. The following morning the train arrives in St. Paul at 7:50 AM. The timing seems ideal. We would definitely get a sleeper car, and as long as it is booked far enough in advance it doesn't look to be very expensive!

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Katie said...

yay!!! please come visit us! we will have a guest room! :)